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What are our values - What is our purpose

Finding our individual and collective path to Spirit and Service, our Meeting provides a supportive and loving community to help us live our faith and our values.  The S.P.I.C.E.S.acronym presents a concise description of basic Quaker tenets and beliefs.  With a personal and collective commitment to Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship of the Earth our journey is open to individual leadings guided by Spirit and the collective Meeting.

We want to promote Quaker values, nurture the individual search for a spiritual life, live in loving community with all and serve for the betterment of our community.

Happening at Trenton Meeting

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Faith in Action

Sitting at the corner of Montgomery and Hanover Street for almost three centuries, the city of Trenton has emerged around us.  Our love and dedication to our neighborhood, "Old Trenton Neighborhood", leads us to be in communication with and service to the families and individuals around us.

Seeing racial bias play out on a daily basis and called to promote Equality, our Meeting strives to support and create opportunities for Black and Brown led organizations and businesses to thrive.  Hosting Black Lives Matter NJ monthly outreach events and diverting money from our investment fund into a Community Investment Fund to give grants and loans to support and sustain black and brown led organizations and businesses are two external ways we work toward Equality.  Within our Meeting we listen and study and work as a diverse group to grow in our understanding of implicit bias and look to a future bringing all of us together in love and harmony.


Guided by the Peace and Stewardship of the Earth, we seek out opportunities to support and promote actions in these areas.  Whether by attending protests, writing letters and emails, or providing support to organizations and causes, Trenton Meeting folks continue the work of our generations past.  Our Peace and Social Concerns Committee seasons ideas and keeps the Meeting informed of ways to work toward the world or Peace, Equality and Sustainability that we seek.

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