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Patriots Week at the Meetinghouse

December 30th and 31st Trenton Meeting hosted Patriots Week events.  The first was the always popular walking tour of Colonial Era Trenton, led by our Dr. Sharon Ann Holt  Attracting up to 70 folks this year, it was more popular than ever. 


Traditionally, the New Year's Eve Peace Vigil is an hour of gathering in the manner of Quakers: silent meditation with messages from the gathered as folks are led to share. This year there were a couple of things that happened a little differently. The first was a preceding event, a Peace Sing Along led by the Solidarity Singers of NJ Industrial Union Council. The other was a change to the Vigil, facilitated by our cosponsor Coalition for Peace Action from Princeton. Five leaders from different faiths (Hindu, Baha’i, Christian, Muslin and Jewish) spoke of the significance of Light in their traditions, with the remainder of the time in the traditional format.

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